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Journal Entry: Wed Mar 15, 2017, 6:48 AM

Pikachu waves 

  1. Free Sketch February of course is over~ Thank you so much to everyone who pledged <3

  2. Reached 30 days of daily art challenges! Woohoo! You can see all of them on my Patreon, or most of them excluding the past 7 days on my other social media :)

  3. Some personal updates:
    This weekend was really packed and tiring but fun! On Sunday we celebrated Purim which is the Jewish holiday that people dress up for (Like Halloween, but at day time~). It's only a two day holiday but it turns out to be a full week of seeing people in costumes outside:
    Wednesday - Most students and workers had their parties on this day this year.
    Friday - Huge costume rave in the city's center. I didn't go to the rave itself but me an my boyfriend did go out to the city's center to look for costume materials for the following days so there were so many people in costumes! 
    Saturday Evening - A
     Zombie Walk we went to! I did SFX makeup for both of us, it was pretty cool~ <:
    Sunday - The actually holiday + an anime con I went to and volunteered at (after not going to a con in over a year and a half! O: )
    Monday - Second holiday day that we spent it making our costumes for the following day.
    Tuesday - My boyfriend's work party that we went as minions :D
    It was fun, but now it's over ;^;

  4. Next anime con I want to participate in the Artist's Alley~
    I was looking around the AA on Sunday's con and the level of all the artists was so high and their art was beautiful, I'm so scared I won't be on the same level ;A;
    What do you guys think I should make for the next con? What fanart do you think will sell well? (bonus point to series that I should watch anyways xD)
    Also tips for preparation would be amazing (someone halp) "OTL
That's all for this week!
See you soon~! ♥


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This time I'm featuring some of my personal favorites! They all deserve so much more love!

Rainbow Fish Watercolor by teatimetomorrowSheer Mystic Volume - Windless Motion by ArtwithoutabrushFxSunset by Aldonsa
Dienwaer of the Wind, The Eastern Star by MultimediaPanda
Summer by bluemanaphyPlastic Girl oil on canvas 100x120 by PiskunovSergeydoodle by Kuroduki
Home by igortovstogan
Swimming with the Horses by Android-BtsyCommission: Star by ber-yaourtMermaid by K9CRPS
The Battle 1683 by wildheadache
Lana by OmriKoreshValicius by Ruiwen-art[Art Study] Benio by Lucia by A1RI
Postapocalyptic St. Louis by Thuberchs
Amazon from Diablo 2 by ravenlloydCOMM: Valerie by KastrazMary Christmas 2016 by Warmics

Next theme TBD~
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MultimediaPanda Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Ooh Thank you for the feature! I am honored to be shown along side these other beautiful works!! <3 <3 <3
Ruiwen-art Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much for the feature !
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